Pt 1 chpt 2: Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism


Third Culture Faithful

The psychology and ministry to & of Multi-Ethnic Peoples. 

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Evocations of Covenant

In a book without the word "covenant" how does Habakkuk evoke covenant?


Daily Devotions

Interlinnear daily devotions in biblical Hebrew and Greek.

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Articles and Presented Papers

Biblical Theology of Habakkuk 2:4

Whose faithfulness leads to salvation? 

Roman Catholic View of Salvation

Undergrad Thesis: What does the current Roman Catholic church teach concerning faith salvation?

Davidic Covenant as an Interpretational Key

David was promised three things which are echoed throughout the remainder of Scripture: Heir, Temple, Kingdom

The Church of Scotland the forgotten influence.

How did the church of Scotland impact the American church?

Interpreting Faith in the Reformation

The interpretation of Scripture was the main argument in the reformation. "Faith" is one of the interpretation topics.

Reading for Students to Learn

We learned when our parents read to us, so why not read Greek and Hebrew to believers?

Resource Papers

Dr. Mario's Hot Hits Bible Reading Plan

Worship Ministry Consultation Documents

Coming Works:


Regarding Habakkuk: A commentary for Biblical Teachers. (College & Clayton)

Regarding Ezekiel: A commentary for Biblical Teachers. (College & Clayton)


Minority Reading of the Good Samaritan Parable. (presented at 20 ETS Nationals - pending publication.)

Yahweh Vs Marduk: An apologetic for the Cyrus Cylinder. (Gen Y Apologetics Conference 2021)

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