There are things that every believer should know, and practice. These are not learned in a vacuum but rather in relationship with an older believer like we saw Christ and his disciples. ​Every believer should have a Paul (an older believer who teaches you), Barnabas (an equal believer you share with) and a Timothy (who you are discipling). In these relationships we encourage one another in private, public and corporate worship.

My objective for my discipleship students is for them to know the story of God, their place in the story and the habits expected of a Christ follower.


6 Modules of Discipleship

God's Story

Your Identity

Your Private Disciplines

Your Public Disciplines

Your Corporate Disciplines

Your Corporate Responsibility

Exercises for Discipleship


3 lives of discipleship (utilize 50 People...)

Investigation project: how does your church teach all this?

Project: find another person and begin sharing what you're learning

Introspection: Of the 4 levels of discipline and responsibility what area do you struggle most with in each?


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