Classes in a Unique Way

These are classes you've heard of, but presented in a memorable way.

According to research less than 5% of Hebrew students retain any of the language. I teach Hebrew so students read the text and grammar stays out of the way for the rest of their lives.

Most people's understanding of the Old Testament is like a junk closet. By understanding that the OT is Patriarchal, covenantal, and theocratic you can grasp the Old Testament!

In hermeneutics I teach the historical and even minority and international beliefs concerning the way and means of reading Scripture.

The Torah sets the stage for the Lord's grand redemption plan. Thus, we must grasp the setting, culture, and language so that we can naturally hear the echoes of Torah throughout the rest of Scripture.

Prophecy existed all throughout the ancient world, but in Israel Prophets were the most important earthly officer in the theocracy. Read in context they confront covenant sins, proclaim covenant punishment, and declare covenant hope!

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In connection to Torah and Prophets, Writings are the guidebook for holy lives and holy worship. Often misunderstood, these books point toward the need for God to guide and the need for God to be central to worship.

Good preaching should be faithful to the text, captivate the 5 year old, and not bore the supreme court judge. Preaching is both science and art, my specialty is teaching the art aspect.

Many of us pray the Lord's prayer, but ignore the reality that "thy kingdom come on earth as in heaven," means that we should be seeking to worship across ethnic and linguistic lines. 

Every believer should have a Paul, Barnabas and a Timothy. In these relationships we encourage one another in private, public, and corporate worship.

Areas of Qualified Speaking

  • Biblical Interpretation

  • The Story of Scripture

  • Old Testament Backgrounds

  • Biblical Language Learning

  • Expository Preaching

  • Multi-Ethnic Ministry

  • Cross-Generational Worship

  • Church Revitalization

  • Biblical Discipleship